Sunday, 16 September 2012

Flashpoint - the alternative Batman Universe

Apologies to anyone who is thinking 'Yeah, we all know this, so what?' - I didn't and I was excited!
Oh - and there *may* be spoilers.

As someone who doesn't read a massive amount of comics (I know, I know, strike me down!), my knowledge of cross-overs etc is pretty minimal, but I was rather excited when I discovered that there is an cross-over series called Flashpoint, in which the Batman universe is in a completely different direction from the one that we all know and love. In this alternative universe, it is Bruce Wayne who is murdered, not his parents Thomas and Martha. Torn by grief, his parents deal with it in drastically different ways. Thomas dons the now famous black suit to become Batman whilst Martha, who plummets into depression, slashes her face into a grotesque grin and becomes The Joker.

It's twists like this that make fairly wishy-washy comic fans like myself raise an interested eyebrow and even try and hunt down copies. More please, I'm intrigued and sold!

First picture of the new Robocop

First look at new Robocop from

Not quite sure what to think to be honest. Any thoughts from fellow Quantum Geek-ers?

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I come bearing gifts.

Greetings, I am Sir Thomas, though I wouldn't be surprised if you had all forgotten about me. I have been rather... missing of late. Do not worry though, as I will make it all up to you soon.

Now, not much has been happening lately, and with stagnant times come stagnant attitudes. I was slowly sinking into debt and melancholy, thinking of all the things escaping my grasp from simple lack of money.

And then... an angel came to me. A figure of bright pearly white, and wings of alabaster shine. He looked upon me and he said... Borderlands 2 sweepstake.

Now, as many of you no doubt deduce by now, I greatly love Borderlands as a series. And you should to, because... quite simply, it is fun. And if you don't like fun, well, I don't like your kind at all. You should just leave. Go on. Leave.

They've left? Good. Now, for those of you who DO enjoy fun, I suggest entering this sweepstake. Even if you are short of money, there is a chance, a small chance, that you could enjoy Borderlands 2, and a few extra goodies as well. Merely put your name and your email address into the link above, and you may find yourself a lucky winner. Who knows. I've certainly put my name forward.

Actually. Don't enter. No one enter but me. That would be best, wouldn't it?

Good day, my friends.

FFVII Remake (Sort Of)

Hello all! Sorry about the delay, it happens to have been one of those summers. Normal service should resume shortly; in particular, I suspect you'll get to see me fail my studies as I instead devote an ungodly amount of time to playing the awesome looking Baldur's Gate remake.

Speaking of remaking classic RPGs of my childhood, this made me all manner of happy. Maybe it'll help tide us over until Square finally give in to peer pressure and remake FFVII, so grab a cool beverage and kick your feet up. My hat is tipped to you Jamie Colliver, whoever ye be.