Monday, 12 November 2012

New Mass Effect Game Announced

So, time for us to do more of that Breaking News stuff! Bioware Montreal has just published a new blog post, an in it reveals that a new game set within the Mass Effect universe is already under development.

So what do we know? Not a lot. It'll be using the Frostbite game engine (which fans of Battlefield should be happy about), though with some of the snazzy updates developed for Dragon Age 3. I have to be honest, I'm a little behind on my Dragon Age 3 knowledge, but I know they've been doing quite a lot of interesting stuff (my personal favourite is the idea of generic armours that look different on different characters, so that they retain some of the personality starting costumes had).

Other than that, it's all up for speculation! Thankfully the Extended Cut endings clarified that the mass relays were only damaged, so at least a post-Shepard world isn't going to be some depressing post-apocalyptic setting. Other than that, who knows?

Personally, after the military-centric events of the previous three games, I'd like to see some other aspects of the universe fleshed out; the underworld of the Terminus systems would be a good choice. What does everyone else think?


  1. A prequel would be okay, as in the First Contact War, or something based around the first discovery of the first Sol Relay, as you said, its all up for speculation, but with the Frostbite Engine it will look fantastic, especially on DirectX 11 Graphics Cards on PC, will look amazing. So all in all, mega excited!

    1. I'm kinda hoping for a Sequel, preferably in a world where all the synthetics didn't get arbitrarily nuked. I'd rather see 'em flesh out the actual setting, rather than the history.

      Not that a prequel would suck by any means, just not my first choice. I'm actually not that familiar with the Frostbite Engine, but I suspect I'll be looking into it shortly!

  2. I think it's you Carlos who has to much time on yur hands not me after reading all this drivel.