Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Thor 2: New Enemy Faction revealed

So apparently I now trade in insider information. Like a boss.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of chatting to some of the guys from Norton Armouries, who are in the process of making me a sexy suit of armour. You guys have probably seen their work about; they've made armour for everything from Game of Thrones to Robin Hood, and I'm a bit of a fanboy for their work.

Anyhow, turns out they had to turn down the third season of Game of Thrones due to prior commitments, namely Thor: The Dark World. Which I already knew, but what really surprised me was when I asked about a battered looking helmet they had with them. Turns out it belongs to the Marauders, the other enemy faction in the film. Here, have some pictures (which also show off Norton's work rather nicely).

Which rather begs the question: What the hell are X-Men villains doing in a Thor film, given that Marvel Studios don't actually have the X-Men rights? I don't have much of a clue how these things work, and I'm not nearly a good enough blogger to actually go find out, but it certainly came as a surprise to me. It also begs another question, one my fellow comic book nerd at Norton refused to answer, damn his hide.

Please? Pretty please?

I'm gonna go ahead and guess not (the Marauders appear to be fairly minor villains in the film), but damn if I wouldn't like to see old Sinister on the big screen. And preferably in an actual Marvel Studios film at that.

And yes, I know that it's not really insider information if it's already all over the internet. But dammit, I don't get to sound like a proper journo often, so you'll just have to put up.

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